The first of many.

This first blog post has to be perfect. Or so my inner monologue says. It has to wow and amaze, astound and amuse the masses. And god help me if I embarass myself. I’ll be the laughingstock of the internet. It will be DeviantArt all over again and my mom will be saying “I saw those naked pictures of you that you put up on the internet. And I’m very concerned, anyone can see those, you know, and employers look at the internet these days, so…”

Yeah. Um.
Because I did that.

I don’t intend for this to be my grownup LiveJournal. But if my thoughts, opinions, and experiences make up that which I and others know of as “me,” there’s going to be a lot of “me” entwined in these blog posts.

And since I strongly value honesty and candidness you may be privy to some of my deeper neuroses, my struggles, and especially my insecurities. I hope that’s okay. Because if I don’t throw myself into it as raw and vulnerable as I am right now, I’ll never do it. If starting means waiting until I feel ready, I know that feeling ready will never come of its own accord. So here’s my blog, everybody.

*Inhale* *Exhale*

You can do this, kiddo.

One thought on “The first of many.

  1. Dear Becky–I too have a blog and guess what? No one reads it! Well, I’m reading yours because I love your facility with the written word. And I’m your auntie who thinks you’re like Mary Poppins and “practically perfect in every way.”


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