A journalist and design major had a baby and its name is writfi.

What /

/ Writfi is an online gallery: essays, articles, playlists, photos, art—a curated list of consumables, all of which are artfully presented and intentionally designed. Topics run the gamut from self-help and home décor to current events and internet memes as long as they adhere to the writfi style; a style which is at once crass and candid yet urbane, stylish, intelligent, and only slightly neurotic 😉

Why /

/ I wanted an experimental space in which to develop and hone my creative content-making chops while the world watched, and thus came writfi.com.

Who /

/ Hi. Yeah, you there. I’m Becky, the one and only author of writfi.com—an articulate twenty-something (verging on thirty-something) millennial with a Pinterest addiction and some cool shit to share with the world.

A failed journalist, I am now using my B.A. in Professional Journalism (and the maroon folio it came in) as a paperweight while I put my nose to the grindstone doing project management at a small construction company.

After spending more than a decade (and counting) struggling with mental health issues, I have become quite passionate about self-improvement although I have not mastered its execution. I wish people would take me more seriously. I find inspiration in great design, beautiful concepts, and brutal honesty. In elementary school they told me that I could do anything I put my mind to so now I’m starting a blog.