PlayListzomania 3/22/16

Current jams that I’m loving the crap out of … and you should, too.

Summer Jam by The Cool Kids feat. Maxine Ashley



Also like, wayyyy crispy.

Sunstroke by Fabienne

This is the song that helped me make it through the frozen Minnesotan tundra that is winter in Minneapolis. “This escapism at its finest,
Don’t need to be minted to live life like this,
I’ll make you feel like we’re in St. Martins,
Just close your eyes with me,”

Here, here Fabienne.

Dennehy by Serengeti

The anthem that middle class boomer men never knew they needed and will probably never listen to. Hip hop and social commentary at its finest.

Rumble by Kelis

Listening to Kelis’s voice is like diving into a pool of caramel covered sundae. It’s rich, decadent, and oh so worth it.

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